Our hospital has over 200 in-patient bedrooms which makes it one of the biggest privately funded hospitals in the United Kingdom. Standard rooms come ensure with air conditioning and other comfort facilities. For your entertainment, every bedroom comes equipped with a flat screen TV, digital channels, radio, intercoms system, fridge, and land-line telephone.

Our support staff will provide you with miscellaneous arrangements like daily newspapers, books, and other services which you might require that does not interfere with your treatment. We are always on hand to talk about your individual requirements prior to staying with us and we make sure your room is in order before your arrival.

Hospital I.D

In order to identify you with us, you are required to put on your identity wrist band at all times because it has all your sensitive data which are essential for your treatment as well as your bio data which enables our hospital staff to identify you and give you the proper medication and treatment your health requires. Once you check in to the gate, you will be informed by staff to keep your bands at your person at all hours of the day and night.

Patients with allergies will be given blue identity bands to alert our staff about your allergies and the details of the allergy. Every information on your band will be double-checked for correctness before you put them on. You will also be asked your name and personal details at random hours to ensure you are the right person and to make sure you receive the proper treatment throughout the duration of your stay.

To help us, please ensure your details are accurately described. You are allowed to take your time to fill them in. To contact us for more information, click here.

Facilities & Equipment

Ours is a world class hospital so it is expected that our facilities and equipment will be in line with the latest technologies and inventions in modern medicine. Some of our facilities include:

Ultramodern Cancer Center

This facility was built upwards of £100m and has within its depths innovative 'smart pods' that record and transmit the patient’s vitals to the data station. Once the patient lays down on the bond, the information is collected automatically.

In addition to this, the ultramodern cancer center has advanced imaging technology for patients who need mammography. There is also the latest drug dispensing machine called the Robot-Rx capable of dispensing as much as 2999 drug dosages every 24 hours.

State-of-the-art Theatre

Our operating theatre is 20000 square feet facility that has the latest equipment to carry out some of the most complicated procedures in medical history. We are the first privately funded hospital to own a digital diagnostic hub using high-tech equipment that gives our surgeons total control over all the aspects of their respective procedures. This has enabled us to employ some of the best medical professionals in the entire country some of whom are pioneers in their respective fields.

Elekta Versa Radiotherapy

We are the first hospital in the UK and the fourth in the world to offer this sort of treatment. This has enabled us to detect cancer at its early stages and begin radical treatment. We have one of the most sophisticated scalpel technologies in the world with our Gamma Knife costing £3m - the Leksell Perfexion. We invest a lot of funds into technology with the aim of giving patients the best care possible. Other equipment at our hospital includes robotic arms which include the CT-guided arm and the X-MR for complex surgical procedures.

Emergency Response

As a full-fledged hospital offering comprehensive health packages for our patients, we offer emergency response for situations where the patient is in critical condition and will not be able to make it to the hospital in time. This includes ambulance service with certified emergency personnel that are prepared to confront whatever situation they find. Our emergency response team is sufficiently equipped and has the following certification:

  • HCPC Paramedic

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Emergency Care Assistants (ECA)

All emergency staff go through a rigorous Key Performance Index with senior consultants to ensure their performance consistently meets and surpasses the benchmarks required for an emergency responder.

Our ambulance fleet is continually replaced with the latest vehicles fitted with the best technologies that can be the difference between life and death.

We are always on ground 24 hours a day, every day including bank holidays and other seasonal holidays. We are aware that a crisis can happen at any time that is why we make sure doctors, nurses, and other essential personnel are at the hospital to make sure treatment for your condition can begin right away.

You can find out more about our emergency services by contacting us here.

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