At our hospital we give patients a holistic range of cardiac treatment. Our cardiac expertise is well known around the country due to the instantaneous assessment, as well as intervention and treatment. Our facilities are some of the best in this side of the world and we have some of the best staff at our beck and call.

Some of our services in this specialization include:

Cardiac Surgery

Our cardiac department infuses some of the specialized units to provide bespoke treatment for our patients. We treat conditions such as arterial stenosis, aneurysm, including tumors and clots which can all be skillfully diagnosed by our experienced team. Some of the surgical procedures we undertake include but is not limited to:

  • Cardioversions

  • Coronary angiography and angioplasty

  • Pericardial aspiration

  • Insertion of biventricular devices

  • Vascular Stenting

  • Electrophysiological ablation

Cardiac Medicine

We also offer palliative medicine for cardiac condition through our cardiac medicine unit. Some conditions we treat in this regard include:

High blood Pressure

This is a condition that is responsible for the poor health of more than 500m people around the world and is the primary causative agent for cardiovascular conditions like kidney failure, stroke, angina, and heart attack.

It has not been thoroughly ascertained what the cause of hypertension is, but it has been shown that most people with this condition have primary hypertension which does not necessarily have a prescribed set of symptoms.

We have medical specialists that can offer you a strict treatment regimen and you can contact us here for treatment.

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