Whether you need to book an appointment for your treatment or you need help to make an inquiry, or you need advice on how to manage your condition, or require information about our procedures and fees, as well as support and auxiliary services, this section will assist you with all the information you need from pre-consultation and assessment to post-treatment and rehabilitation.

To find out more information about our hospital policy please see the admissions guide here or refer to our patient admission requirements by clicking on this page.

Relevant Information for Potential Patients (Please Read)

In accordance with our aims to give our patients the best treatment and quality of care available, we aim to ensure all information about our patients and their individual treatment are transparent and sincere and because of this reason, each and every procedure, test, medication, and treatment are separately itemized and priced through the Outpatients Department.

Patients should please note that all tests and procedures including blood test, mammograms, x-rays, or urinal analysis are carried out at the instruction of your consultant, which are also included to the consultation fee as separately included in your final bill. If you do not know whether a test, procedure or medication will attract new fees, it is advisable to speak to your supervising nurse or consultant in advance.

In the past our patient have used very creative ways of funding. You can raise funds for your procedures by claiming a casino bonus that comes without any wagering requirements, or a sports betting bonus. This bonus allows you to raise funds for your treatment, provided you win on the game.

If you have medical insurance, you should first speak with your company before submitting yourself for tests or procedures to be carried out on you.

It is our hope and belief that by providing clear concise and transparent information about your fees, you will be better prepared and able to make good and informed decisions about your treatment.

As always, if you need more information or you would like some clarification, please contact us here.

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